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23rd-Mar-2010 02:35 am - ?!
Makoyan calendar

A~~h, how are you? *O*

First of all, I have to thank berry_chii , leviosa8 , loveablesen , lyuna , midori_mxm , murtabak , neitaro AND ONE ANONYMOUS (who gave me a yummy cake) for the b-day greetings. I LOVE YOU ALL. LET ME HUG YOU AND KISS YOU. *hugskisseseveryone* I would do it in RL if I could, but virtual hugs will have to do for the time being.

I was having a total blast, really. My stepfather, totally ABSENT, and on the next day I got to eat sushi and watch Rookies in a super-duper BIG flat screen at the same time.

I played MorePuri and Shiraishi greeted me.. AGAIN, and AGAIN and AGAIN anf AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN until Chitose finally spoke up =D
~~FINALLY~~~ built up strength in order to play Kinchan (by constantly repeating to myself "I'm technically not a pedo") and he is the most awesome character out there. BY FAR. So, ok, the others might be hotter and all, but Kinchan is cute AND hillarious.
True story: Shiraishi played Dokidoki Survival with Kinchan.
True fact: Kinchan played tennis with monkeys.

Movie Sundays with my grandma are so.good. Friggin' better than dates, that's for sure >3

and YOU GUYS (ok, gals) ARE AWESOME!!! I couldn't possibly ask for more or so I thought...

my cake got ransacked (and later eaten by someone) and somebody destroyed my nds just a few hours ago ;________; ugh...I hate teenagers. I have to close my room because my own house is a very dangerous place U_U I hate it! I hate to check my money every now and then to check if there's anything missing T_T

I am in serious need for money now. My grandma promised me to get me another one, but I don't want to stress her like that  = / I guess it's about time to sell some stuff >_> IF anyone's willing to buy, that would be the issue.

uh... but let's go onto something better. I scanned some more stuff!!

This time, here's some 13 year olds' abs:

(click to enlarge and all that jazz)

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