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26th-Mar-2010 01:59 pm - Sweat and tears one
i still love this game, even though I am playing the morepuri lately.

So, have more pics:

Fuji kitties :D

MORE! Sweat and tears picsCollapse )

Sasabe. YEAAAAAAH!!! I have a dokurodan dj where he appears. and nothing else ;_; I MISS HIM!!!!

Also, Kaidoh+kitties = love. And Oishi+moon = love <33333

THIS. Best blind justice parody I've seen around. I liked it better than the KHR one o.ó and fits the story just as well. Or even better.
23rd-Mar-2010 02:35 am - ?!
Makoyan calendar

A~~h, how are you? *O*

First of all, I have to thank berry_chii , leviosa8 , loveablesen , lyuna , midori_mxm , murtabak , neitaro AND ONE ANONYMOUS (who gave me a yummy cake) for the b-day greetings. I LOVE YOU ALL. LET ME HUG YOU AND KISS YOU. *hugskisseseveryone* I would do it in RL if I could, but virtual hugs will have to do for the time being.

I was having a total blast, really. My stepfather, totally ABSENT, and on the next day I got to eat sushi and watch Rookies in a super-duper BIG flat screen at the same time.

I played MorePuri and Shiraishi greeted me.. AGAIN, and AGAIN and AGAIN anf AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN until Chitose finally spoke up =D
~~FINALLY~~~ built up strength in order to play Kinchan (by constantly repeating to myself "I'm technically not a pedo") and he is the most awesome character out there. BY FAR. So, ok, the others might be hotter and all, but Kinchan is cute AND hillarious.
True story: Shiraishi played Dokidoki Survival with Kinchan.
True fact: Kinchan played tennis with monkeys.

Movie Sundays with my grandma are so.good. Friggin' better than dates, that's for sure >3

and YOU GUYS (ok, gals) ARE AWESOME!!! I couldn't possibly ask for more or so I thought...

my cake got ransacked (and later eaten by someone) and somebody destroyed my nds just a few hours ago ;________; ugh...I hate teenagers. I have to close my room because my own house is a very dangerous place U_U I hate it! I hate to check my money every now and then to check if there's anything missing T_T

I am in serious need for money now. My grandma promised me to get me another one, but I don't want to stress her like that  = / I guess it's about time to sell some stuff >_> IF anyone's willing to buy, that would be the issue.

uh... but let's go onto something better. I scanned some more stuff!!

This time, here's some 13 year olds' abs:

(click to enlarge and all that jazz)

9th-Mar-2010 11:42 pm(no subject)

Sanada is creepy. He has gray gair. GRAY HAIR. And wrinckles. WHAT.

More wtf scans under the cut
Sweat and Tears for PSX some scans and thoughtsCollapse )

it's a pretty good game, and it's the only game konami has released that was based off the animme instead of the manga. AND it an be played with the right emulator so it's a win-win situation ;DD
The story is alright and there were a couple of things that made me go awwwwwwwwww. There's actual playable mini-games and tennis matches, which is all for the better :DD The only thing is... the main character has Tachibana's background story o_O and Rikkai is... weird. AND there's no Yamabuki, while in the game before this one there WAS. Even muromachi!!!

There's a cute mini-karaoke too, like in the second installment :DDDDD

*randomness OUT*
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