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1st-Nov-2008 02:53 am(no subject)


That's what Japanese say (in short ^^;;) when something bad happens at happy times. That's pretty much what happened to me watching THIS. I've been waiting for a Spirit adaptation since long, LONG ago, as I am a HUGE Spirit fan. I know a movie would mean to cut EXCELLENT one-shots, like the man who could fly, and that it would  mean to cut the mangnificent art, which had no shortage in imagination, but.... Since when did Spirit become a Sin City comic?!?! D: Octopus is a black pimp villian whose face we see clearly? Sliken Floss turned into such an approaching secretary D8? If that's the Dr. Floss from long ago, they could have just changed her name. And what's with the cheesy lines? "I'll kill you all kinds of dead" is something so UNspirit, it's not even funny D: Where's my gentle kinda naive Spirit? And... ROCK in the Spirit?! THE Spirit?! The Spirit used to make me jiggle, not anymore U.U

But most of all


I will laugh SO hard if I ever get to hear Octopus say "my real name is Ebony White..." XD And not for the good reason :( That would be kinda racist if you ask me, but, hey, if there's no P'gell in a Spirit movie, anything is possible. Even if P'Gell i's intended to be the main villian for the next movie...  
Until I read "based on the comic by Will Eisner", I refused to believe that it was the Spirit from the comic I love. I sincerely think they had to wait for Eisner's death (like 3 years ago, mind you) in order to do this, or else he would have refused profusely.

Good things? I actually liked Ellen and I am pretty confident there would be no substantial difference between the original Plaster of Paris and this one. There MUST NOT BE ONE ¬¬

PS: This is what happens when you add too much colagene to your lips:
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