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Finally something interesting at ontd

Very very interesting note at ontd about fanfiction and popular authors. I knew that Anne Rice was all kinds of crazy, but.. uh... you're rich...

But Meyer really surprised me. I agree with her on some level, but authors are forgetting that it's all about fun. I do wonder why people don't write more original stories though. Ah, but I read THIS , a book written by a fanfic author and all-around otaku, and quite frankly thought it SUCKED BIG TIME. So maybe Meyer is overrating authors. And, of course, there's the "it's so easy to get published!!" thingie.

And I don't even read fanfics orz I like comics/manga and old books. Modern books suck, but I still want a new book that will make me think different. Even the translations were better back before the internets *sigh* Don't make me talk about "Illion" or I'll cry *sigh*

Sorry, major rambling XD;
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