ryuzaki_desu (ryuzaki_desu) wrote,

I still got it, babe!

After like, a million years since I've read a greek myths book, there is still some knowledge inside me!! I search wikipedia => lakhesis. Something is wrong with the Spanish entry, search the info in my books, AHAH! I was right.

My personal background (I read Robert Graves like whoa!) just sets me on alert with these kinds of mistake. I guess that's why Percy Jackson was such a dissapointment, it cannot get the facts straight. Ok, I can *understand* when you change some facts in order to spice things up a little (come on, Euripides did that), but when there are medular facts on stake (eg, a virgin goddess magically having a child) I immediately get annoyed. Freud understood very well how greek myths summed up human passions, so changing the most important facts just ruins everything that is beautiful with mythology.

ah, there I go bitching again.

Ok, so to sum up:

Watch the movie "Immortals", it was pretty good. And it had a few easter eggs for us connoisseurs to boot. INCREDIBLE scenarios, excelent costumes, the actor for athena was an anorexic brod, a nice story, and just great! A good surprise!
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